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We are extremely proud to launch Three Times a Day's quarterly independant magazine—a content-rich work of art.

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Our goal was to promote Three Times a Day's values through interesting content. The final product is a high-quality magazine that showcases topics and people that inspire us to live better.

The new recipes featured in every issue give you the perfect excuse to gather around the table and discuss our photo essay, our delicious food sections, and our articles inspired by trending topics.

The magazine aims to inspire people to live a better lifestyle and be content with who they are. 

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First issue – Fall 2015

Zero publicity

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Each magazine has its own theme, exposed throughout different subjets like :


The cooking section of the magazine will be stuffed with tips and exclusive recipes (30–50 new recipes per issue)—get ready to spend some quality time in the kitchen!


The inspiration section is packed with pictures and articles on inspiring topics, both linked to the theme of the issue.


The home section is where we will unveil our tips, suggestions, and décor and activity ideas to beautify your home and make it your own. It will also include some images for inspiration.


We want to make humanity shine and get people together. We'll be on the lookout for interesting individuals who can share new recipes and moving stories. In today's celebrity culture, we like to believe that each individual, famous or not, deserves to not only be heard, but also understood.


In the inspiration section, we will work alongside partners to share articles about heath-related topics.


"La cuisine en héritage" (Heritage Cooking)

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